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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

Puppy Pre-school

4 sessions

Brisbane, QLD

Is your Puppy driving you mad with his puppy antics? Biting the Kids? Barking and whimpering when you leave him alone? Jumping up?

You and your Puppy NEED this course!  There is a very short ‘window of opportunity’ to teach your puppy confidence – after 16 weeks, the blank canvas of your puppy’s brain starts to fill up with ‘environmental influence’. Put simply, if your puppy gets a fright during this Critical Period, depending on how you deal with it, it will cement the emotion (fear, fight, flight or calmness) for the rest of your pup’s life.

It is imperative that pups are taught calm compliance and confidence under any and all situations.

Topics covered include Socialisation, Pre-School Obedience, establishing House Rules and Manners.  Avoid Negative or Potentially Dangerous Behaviour, Safe Games to Teach and Play, Building puppy’s confidence, Discipline; how to and when is it appropriate. Children, Puppy and Safety segments.

Training should be fun for both you and your puppy, particularly in this highly critical time in your pup’s life, so we use positive guidance and reward based training methods. Your dog will learn in a fun-filled motivational environment.

During the first 45 minute session:

  • You will develop a communication and training system that works for you and your dog
  • Separation Anxiety – what is it – how to avoid it!
  • Keep your puppy safe by recognizing ‘danger’ in other canines

In subsequent sessions:

  • Socialisation and play with other puppies in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Toilet Training
  • Personal Behavioral issues are addressed
  • You will receive valuable information on the nutrition and health of your puppy, perhaps reducing your vet bills
  • Learn how to discipline your puppy without hitting!

You will receive support via telephone and email during and after your Pre-School training course.

Venue: 84-92 Kurrajong Road, Jimboomba. Availability: Courses start the 1st Monday of each Month. To book your place, phone the office (07) 5548 7988 or Mobile 0413 923 981.

Duration: A total of 4 training sessions – 4 x 45 minute sessions.

Guidelines: To participate your dog must be in good health, a maximum of 16 weeks of age. Although we encourage all family members to attend, space is limited, therefore a maximum of 2 people per week per puppy.

Trainer: Your Trainer, Joanne Meredith, is a Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Consultant, I will guide you and your puppy throughout your entire Course. If due to unforeseen circumstances, Joanne is not available, another Trainer will be assigned.

Numbers: Class numbers are limited. Early Bookings are Recommended.

Training is conducted indoors.