Ultimate Control

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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

Lifestyle Training

26 sessions

Cedar Grove, QLD

Do you long for a well mannered dog?

Do you need help to establish some ‘dog rules’, boundaries, and manners? Does your dog need to have some fun and expand his social skills? Then a Lifestyle Dog Training Course is for you!

Training takes place at our Training venues, Brushwood Park in Cedar Grove. If you have a group of friends (minimum 3) that all want to achieve a well mannered dog, then this can be arranged at a location convenient to you all.

Our Lifestyle Training includes each week different Socialisation objects or topics to enable your dog to develop confidence around different stimulus. The Three Phases of your dogs learning; ie; Teaching Phase, Training Phase and Proofing Phase are all catered for in this longer course.

After purchasing your Lifestyle Training Package, you will be enrolled in the age relevant course until completion then moving into a more advanced class.

Topics covered include Socialisation with Dogs and Lifestyle  Obedience Training, Distance Control, Behavioral Modification and much more. Training should be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog, so your Instructor will spend some time finding out what motivates your dog, then will use whatever motivation your dog responds to.

During the first one hour session:

  • Your concerns are discussed and an Assessment is carried out on your dog
  • Observations are made regarding the way your dog interacts with the family
  • You will receive an explanation of canine leadership, behaviour and learning patterns
  • Your Training Program is implemented

In subsequent lessons:

  • Any ongoing concerns are addressed
  • You will be taught the skills to control your dog in almost all situations
  • You will receive valuable information on the nutrition and health of your dog, perhaps reducing your vet bills
  • You will be given the skills to STOP your dog pulling on the lead, COME when you call – every time, establish house rules and manners
  • How to discipline your dog without hitting!

You will receive support via telephone and email during and after your Lifestyle Training.

Venue: Brushwood Park, Cedar Grove, or if booking with a group of friends we will come to a venue of your choice within 30km radius of the main office.

Availability: Available for bookings throughout the year, (excluding long weekends).

Duration: A total of 26 training sessions. Each session is 1 hour duration.

Guidelines: To participate in this experience your dog must be in good health and a minimum of 16 weeks of age.

Trainer: All our Instructors are trained Professionals, each with their own style, all are training within Good Dog Bad Dog’s curriculum.

Numbers: You and your dog will be one of 10 Clients participating in the course, if the number of clients exceeds 10, another Instructor is allocated.

Weather: Safe training conditions will be adhered to at all times. Cancellations will be published on our facebook page GoodDogBadDogTrainingClub.

Extra Info: if you are located outside our normal service area a fuel surcharge may apply.