Ultimate Control

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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

Junior (Adolescent) Training

Cedar Grove, QLD
Has your cute and cuddly puppy suddenly turned into GODZILLA?

Full of attitude and misbehaviour? Does ‘come’ mean run faster in the opposite direction? Commands being ignored? Is ‘walkies’ a nightmare? Are you hanging on for dear-life at the end of the leash?

For Safety and Sanity you NEED this course! Your puppy is becoming a teenager! Changing mentally, physically, emotionally and hormonally. Problems that you are experiencing right now will only get worse – unless you change them! Things that were really cute as a 7kg puppy have suddenly lost their appeal as a 40kg dog!

You need to bring back the Manners, bring back the Rules, bring back the Obedience.
Bring Back the Respect!

A given command does not mean ‘optional compliance’.

After 16weeks your puppy’s brain starts to fill with ‘environmental influence’; you need to cement the emotion of calmness, confidence and immediate command-compliance into your dog – regardless of external stimulus.

We will teach you ‘Voice Control’ – no more relying on physical strength (or your lead) to control your dog!

Topics covered include Socialisation, Adolescent Obedience, Respect and Manners – no pulling you around at the end of the lead. Re-establish House Rules and Manners. Avoid Negative or Potentially Dangerous Behaviour, Safe Games to Teach and Play, building confidence.

Training should be fun for both you and your dog, particularly in this highly developmental time in your dog’s life, we use positive guidance and reward based training methods, however, we also teach ‘consequence’ for non-compliance. Your dog will learn in a fun-filled motivational environment.

During the first one hour session:
• You will develop a communication and training system that works for you and your dog
• Calling your dog to you is a potentially life saving command – compliance every time
• You will receiver your Junior Reference Manual

In subsequent sessions:
• You will learn healthy and mentally stimulating games to play
• Learn some tricks to encourage motivational learning

You will receive support via telephone and email during and after your Puppy Training course.

Venue: Cedar Grove Saturday mornings, or if booking with a group of friends (minimum 3) we will come to a venue of your choice within 30km radius of the main office.

Availability: Courses start every 7 weeks. Book via email (info@gooddogbaddog.com.au), contact the office (07) 5548 7988 or Mobile 0413 923 981.

Duration: A total of seven training sessions – 7 x 1 hour sessions.

Guidelines: To participate, your dog must be in good health, a minimum of 16weeks of age and a maximum of 12months of age. We encourage all family members to attend.

Trainer: Once your Accredited Trainer has been assigned to you, this is the person that will guide you and your puppy throughout your entire Course. If due to unforeseen circumstances, your Trainer is not available, another Trainer will be assigned.

Numbers: You and your dog will be one of 10 Clients participating in the course, if the number of clients exceeds 10, another Instructor is allocated.

Weather: Safe training conditions will be adhered to at all times. Check our facebook page for Training Cancellations GoodDogBadDogTrainingClub.

Extra Info: If you choose another venue (subject to number of Clients attending) and are located outside our normal service area a fuel surcharge may apply.