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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

Titoki Kennel

German Shepherds

We are a small select German Shepherd breeding kennel.

We specialize in breeding calm and confident family pets.

Our dogs are bred for Intelligence, Confidence & Working ability. All our dogs are well socialised with people, dogs and every day life.  Our dogs all carry the AZ Stamp depicting correct Hip & Elbow placement.

Our Girls produce a range of coats in their puppies, long, short & ‘glamour’ coats. We are proud of our big boned CONFIDENT puppies. Sometimes Black & Gold Pups or Pure BLACK puppies are available.

Pups are sold on Open Register and are Tattooed, Vaccinated, Wormed and Microchipped. Your Puppy Pack contains essential dietary information, vaccination & worming programes already in place.

You will a discount for future PUPPPY TRAINING at any of our Training Venues (Good Dog Bad Dog Training Club).

Your puppy has already learnt some manners; no biting, jumping up is minimised, some commands are introduced – your puppy will surprise you with what he or she knows!

At 4 weeks our pups move into their Play Pen where they enjoy puppy games and gain valuable skills. Toys, games and obstacles are specifically chosen to enhance learning ability and increase confidence levels. Daily cuddles are an essential & enjoyable part of our puppy nurturing.

Specific training can be arranged depending on your pup’s future ‘job’. We can stimulate and increase prey, play, and investigative drives. High Drives are necessary for ALL Dog Sports. Our own dogs enjoy Obedience Display Works, Dances with Dogs, Heelwork to Music and lazing around.

Professionally Trained Adults are sometimes available.

 Call Joanne Meredith on 0413 923 981 to reserve or view our puppies.

Meet ‘The Pack’. Photos of our dogs are now available.

For your enjoyment we have added a page so you can watch a ‘Typical’  Titoki litter of German Shepherd Pups grow, change and start to explore the world for the first time. You will see the ‘ear antics’ , one day they are up, the next day down or crossed, just one part of the fun watching a German Shepherd Puppy’s growth. To watch one of Titoki’s ‘typical’ litters grow, change, explore and play, click the page.