Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.


Amber Lind with Kaiser
“Informative and Educational……”

Kaiser was 8 months old when we got him and it was particularly important to me that he was well behaved and controlled, especially around my 1 year old daughter.

GDBD Domestic Control Course taught me things I had never even thought of, but are so important in gaining control of such a powerful dog.

Our Instructor taught us how our dogs brain works, how he thinks and most importantly how dogs understand and learn.

It was great for me because it helped me break bad habits, like using only one command and expecting different things from Kaiser.

The whole Course gave me much more than I expected.   I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much that I intend to do the more advanced course.

Park Ridge South

Taua & Bruce Leofa with Benny
“Awesome Trainers”…………..

Thoroughly enjoyed the training. VERY INFORMATIVE! Friendly and professional service.


Training was very beneficial, awesome trainers who were understanding, professional and have an obvious love of dogs which made the experience that much more fun.

Thanks Heaps Daniel.

Upper Mount Gravatt

Lloyd and Janine Browning with Jasper & Tango
“Our dog’s are FANTASTIC” ………….

We Loved It !!!

The whole course was very informative, we learnt so much about our dog’s, not only about how to train them to get the best from them, but how individually, they learn and how seemingly little things affect the ‘pack structure’ and our dog’s behaviour!

We know now that its not always ‘the dogs fault , sometimes we have to blame ourselves.

We thought Good Dog Bad Dog would be training Jasper and Tango, but it turned out we had to be trained as well.

We call Jo the ‘Dog Whisperer’…………. because to us she is!

ps: Our dog’s are now FANTASTIC!

We recommend you to all our friends!


Natalie Phibbs & Rosie
“Thoroughly enjoyed the Course”

It’s a great way to have a special time with your dog.