Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

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Ultimate Control

SlmGirl&DogCan you child do this? Ask us HOW! Results Guaranteed.

Welcome to Good Dog Bad Dog

At Good Dog Bad Dog we create an atmosphere where Dogs Want to learn. Motivation is the key!

Our Instructors are trained to discover how your dog learns, what motivates him to want to do what you ask. Discovering your dog’s motivation means we can work with the dog and not against him. This makes training more enjoyable for you and your dog, it also quickens the learning process.

With unparallel flexibility, Good Dog Bad Dog will recommend the Course or Combo that is best suited to your requirements, then register you and your dog for training at a time and location that suits your lifestyle.

The structured Group Course’s ensure you receive the all important socialisation segments and attain the ability to control your dog in the presence of other dogs and with all the distractions that you will meet when out for a walk or at the beach.

Our programs are designed to ensure you get the training that you need for you and your family’s lifestyle, you won’t spend hours learning things that you don’t need and will, quite possibly never use.

At the completion of your chosen Training Course, you have access to on-going telephone support or you can email any questions or problems that may arise in the future.

There are a lot of social restrictions these days, longer working hours, reduced family time, laws, bylaws and higher density living, all dictating to us, as dog lover’s, what we can do, and where we can go with our Dog’s. Even when we go to those places, our dog’s must be controlled. All very well ….. but how do we do it.

The Easy Way! With Motivation and Praise.